Read what our clients have to say about Pure Pilates.

“It seems that I discovered a new form of Pilates – very much different from whatever I have done. Joseph Pilates called his method Contrology. Doing the original method at Pure Pilates makes you understand why he chose this name. I am definitely hooked and my way of teaching was profoundly challenged and changed through this.”

by Ruth Bronowski

“I sweat in my sessions with Susanna unlike anything else, literally every single muscle in my body is working and if one of those muscles decides to be lazy a quick word or prod from Susanna gets it firing again!! Susanna is one of the most inspiring pilates teachers I’ve come across. My sessions with her directly enhance my own teaching for which I will be eternally grateful!“

by Janelle Houston

Pilates is a physical science

“Pilates is a physical science.” I have read this somewhere however I haven’t realized what it meant until I met Susanna. Even though I have been a student of pilates for some time Susanna made me aware of my muscles even on some very deep levels. Muscles I didn’t know existed!! For the first time in my “pilates” life I am sweating. Even on my daily life I am definitely more aware of my body, and how to control it. Susanna really gives meaning to the term “contrology”. I am amazed how my body is getting stronger. I love that Susanna is so passionate about her work. She watches you, she corrects you non-stop. Your body cannot cheat with Susanna. Doing pilates is the best investment for your body. I consider myself really lucky to be Susanna’s student.

by Burcu Demirbas

Challenging and Fun

Susanna’s classes are both challenging and fun, and I noticed a difference in my body only after few sessions.

by Irene Marmachi

Meditation in Motion

What started as a humble effort to get back in shape after having a baby has, unexpectedly, turned into an incredible journey of self-discovery. Classical Pilates became my “meditation in motion”. It has taught me how to clear my mind in order to find that magic connection with my body, to work every single muscle, as if fine-tuning a music instrument. It is a tremendous challenge and gratifying satisfaction every time, bringing that happiness and strong belief that “Today I can do anything!

by Natalie Aad

Pilates – A Way of Life

I was totally fed up with my poor posture and seeing photos of myself with hunched shoulders. A friend recommended me to attend sessions with Susanna, but I did not really believe that Pilates would help me, to be honest I really thought my posture was beyond help. I was totally wrong. I was inspired and motivated by Susanna’s passion and I could very quickly see my body becoming straighter, and stronger, with improved muscle tone and definition. The method has given me improved balance, a strong core, greater flexibility and coordination, and has enabled me to walk tall. For me, Pilates has become a way of life, not just another exercise regime. I would not hesitate in recommending Pilates with Susanna; her expertise and enthusiasm has changed my life and my only regret is not discovering it years ago. It has improved my performance in the other sports that I enjoy, and achieving improved posture has had a positive therapeutic impact on everything I do. Thank you Pilates!

by Kim Adams


My first session of Pilates with Susanna was 6 months after spinal surgery. I immediately felt the benefits of her teaching and continued to visit Susanna for 6 years. Together we were able to work towards a much fuller range of movement and Susanna worked hard to help me develop my core and back muscles, along with a better posture. Her professionalism and dedication to Pilates and her students are a rare quality and I am sure I will not find such an instructor elsewhere. I wish her every success in her new venture and the same to her very lucky students!

by Debbie Good