Our studio offers a completely unique way to experience original Pilates. The equipment classes have no levels and everyone is treated as an individual with their specific needs and goals. As a new client, a minimum of one private session is required to enter any of the equipment classes. This is so that we can make you a tailor-made program based on your goals and needs.

All classes are 55 minutes in length.


One-to-sessions with our highly skilled teachers are the best way to start your journey and to maximize your progress. Each session is tailor-made to you working according to your needs body needs using the full studio equipment.


Duets (2 person sessions) are great for teaming up with a friend or family member. Not only is it motivating and fun, but a cost effective way to workout while benefitting from the focused attention from the teacher.


Our mat classes are held on the original high mats that help you to stretch and strengthen the body more efficiently. The groups are small so that you can benefit from Individualized attention and gain maximum results. The classes often incorporate other small apparatus like barrels, hand weights, magic circles and toe correctors.


Work out like back in Joe Pilates’s studio! PURE classes are small group lessons (max 5 people), where you get to work on your personalized program under the teachers guidance. As the classes have no levels, you get to work on your body needs and progress at your own speed. The class typically starts on the reformers but then spreads around the whole studio depending on what specific exercises your body needs that day. This really is the ONLY way to do Pilates properly!


A small group class where the teacher guides you through the essential reformer exercises. This class is a great preparation for PURE classes.


Invest in your teenager’s future. Special mat course for teenagers aged 12-15, targeted to improving core strength, spinal flexibility and posture. Why wait until the youngsters have back issues or pain from asymmetries later in their life? Pilates brings muscular balance and awareness to the body that can help to protect against injuries, to avoid pain and to maximize sports performance.

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Healthy team is a happy team! Get your colleagues out of the chairs and into functional movement with us. Pilates has been proven to aid in the prevention of back pain and improving posture among many things. Great way to introduce team building into the work place and reduce stress levels and maybe even sick days! These classes can be held in the office or in the studio.

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